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Push-rod dilatometer calibration and thermal expansion coefficient measurement of standard material
Joohyun Lee and Daeho Kim

The linear thermal expansion coefficient (LTEC) is a very important thermal property in the field of length standard, precision engineering and novel material science. There are several methods in measuring the LTEC of a material and the push-rod type is a one of the frequently used method. In this work, the calibration and the measurement procedures of the SRM 736 which is a certified material provided from NIST are carried out with push-rod type dilatometer (Dil402, NETZSCH) and the results are presented in the temperature range from 300 °C to 500 °C. The calibration of thermocouple and a linear variable differential transformer(LVDT) sensor have been performed with the melting point of the pure metals and the calibration device consisting of the rod and micrometer provided from the NETZSH.

Keywords: dilatometer, linear thermal expansion coefficient, push-rod, temperature calibration, linear variable differential transformer (LVDT)