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Analysis of Electronic Communication Modulation Signal Recognition Technology Based on Signal Fractal Characteristics
Huajie Zhang

Electronic communication modulation signals are widely used in both military and civilian applications, so it is very important to identify modulation signals. Research and create different modulation signal models, and use fractal theory to establish the correlation between the model and the fractal dimension, so as to obtain the multi-fractal dimension spectrum. And by adjusting the threshold and order of the multi-fractal dimension spectrum, the identification of different signals can be achieved. Through simulation experiments, the identification technology of modulated signals based on SFC can achieve 100% recognition accuracy of each signal in the 20dB SNR environment, and 90% recognition accuracy of each signal in the 5dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) environment. Above, the recognition accuracy of 16QAM signal reaches 97.7%. The modulated signal recognition technology proposed by the research has better anti-noise ability and recognition accuracy.

Keywords: Electronic communication; Signal fractal; Modulation; Multifractal dimension; Recognition technology