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p. 3
Window & Other Poems
Jay Deshpande

p. 4
Sonnet (You Can Tell It’s Mattel) & Woke Up at the Edge of Hasbro
Peter Mishler

p. 5
Radiantly Indefensible & All the Nothing
Kay Ryan

p. 7
Ode on Departed Slang & Ode on Gauguin, Russia, Arles, and Consciousness
Barbara Hamby

p. 8
Copy of a Roman Copy of a Greek Original
Dan Beachy-Quick

p. 10
Muslim with Dog
Threa Almontaser

p. 11
In America
Chelsea Dingman

p. 12
The Ghost Forest & Other Poems
Kimiko Hahn

p. 13
How the Sonnet Turns: From a Fold to a Helix
Jason Schneiderman

p. 18
No One Is Proud & Other Poems
Steven Kleinman

p. 19
Dear Devonte Hart
Brionne Janae

p. 20
from Asylum
Jill Bialosky

p. 21
My bull-faced tender friend . . .
Danielle Pafunda

p. 22
In Water & Changing Room
Jessica Lee

p. 23
The Living Mandelstam
Margaree Little

p. 26
Kama & Other Poems
Osip Mandelstam Translated by Margaree Little

p. 28
Metal Detector
David Moolten

p. 29
How to Manage Your Adult ADHD & Other Poems
Jennifer L. Knox

p. 30
Lineage & Other Poems
Casey Thayer

p. 31
The Skeleton at the Pier
Jose Hernandez Diaz

p. 32
Elizabeth A.I. Powell

p. 33
All the Gay Saints: An Exploration of Love & Healing
Despy Boutris
APR Books

p. 35
Venice Beach & Other Poems
Miguel Murphy

p. 36
Self-Operating Machines
Rebecca Morgan Frank