OCP Science Online Journals Publishing Program

All OCP Science journals are available online, with the articles downloadable as PDF files, with free searching for all users. Online access to the full text of articles is available only with a paid institutional subscription. Perpetual access to electronic content is not available; access is not available to previously subscribed electronic content. Non-subscribers will be charged a document delivery fee of US$40 per article. Orders may be placed via the downloadable form on our “Journals” page.

Access to the contents pages and the abstracts is open to all and is provided in HTML format.

In the absence of a separate license agreement, Old City Publishing follows the SERU guidelines, as published at the NISO SERU website.

Institutional subscribers who desire a separate license agreement may use the Cox model standard licenses as a basis for electronic access licenses for:

Single academic institutions

Academic consortia

Public libraries

Corporate and other special libraries

Access to the full text of articles online is available free on a per-volume basis to fully paid institutional subscribers via IP address authentication. Perpetual access is not available.

To discuss your specific requirements, contact the publisher, Guy Griffiths, via e-mail at: guy@oldcitypublishing.com