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p. 4
Banished Wonders & Other Poems
Ada Limón

p. 6
Somebody Else Sold the World
Adrian Matejka

p. 8
The God Incentive & Other Poems
Elizabeth Metzger

p. 10
Fur Below
Jacob Saenz

p. 11
Water Believes What We Cannot: Crisis, Creativity, & the Tarot
Emily Carr

p. 16
Goya & To a Root in Air
Henri Cole

p. 17
Temporal & Other Poems
Dāshaun Washington

p. 18
Your Empty Bowl & Other Poems
Dana Levin

p. 22
Air Rights
Mark Doty

p. 24
The Enchanted Bluff & Other Poems
Carl Phillips

p. 25
Constructing Love and Truth: A Conversation
Matthew Lippman And Elizabeth A.I. Powell

p. 28
Hymn for Dan & Other Poems
Chessy Normile

p. 30
Jubilate Civitas & Other Poems
Patrick Phillips

p. 31
Parade (Rimbaud #6)
Glorious Piner

p. 32
Six Bestiary Poems
Marianne Boruch

p. 34
Diary Entry #2: Quarantine Sonnet & Marked at Birth and You Ask No One
Diannely Antigua

p. 35
Emily Dickinson and the Presence of Poetry: Or, Responding to Distance by Leaning In
Philip Pardi

p. 37
Cain & Early 2000s Fashion Was a Confusing Time for All of Us
Darius Simpson

p. 39
La cama tiene candela, or The Bed Is on Fire
Ines P. Rivera Prosdocimi

p. 40
The Long War
Boston Gordon

p. 41
The Archi-Texture of the City as a Network of Translation: On Street Gloss by Brent Armendinger
Chris Campanioni
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p. 44
Some History of Field Work
Christopher Salerno