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p. 123-131
How strong is a cylinder? (A review)
W.R.D. Manning
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p. 133-152
The strength of thick-walled steel cylinders at elevated temperatures
B. Crossland and W.F.K. Kerr
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p. 153-156
Thermal resistance due to boundary scattering of phonons at high temperatures
H.J. Goldsmid
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p. 157-165
Die Reaktion von Molybdändisilizid mit molekularem Stickstoff oberhalb 1250°C
E. Fitzer, K. Reinmuth, F.K. Schmidt, und H. Schnabel
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p. 167-184
Pulse calorimetry using a digital voltmeter for transient data acquisition
T.G. Kollie, M. Barisoni, D.L. McElroy, and C.R. Brooks
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p. 185-197
Eine neue Methode zur Messung der Wärmeleitfähigkeit
H.E. Schmidt, J. Richter, und M. van den Berg
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p. 199-206
Méthode de mesure de la conductibilité thermique des réfractaires à haute temperature
A. De Smet
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p. 207-214
A precision photoelectric pyrometer
G. Ruffino
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p. 215-220
Absorption spectra at high temperatures and pressures. IV. A new optical high pressure cell for corrosive liquids. The spectra of cobalt(ll) chloride in 10 molar lithium chloride solution
H.-D. Lüdemann and W.A.J. Mahon
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p. 221-230
Zur Kinetik der Azotierung des Siliziums
K.J. Hüttinger
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p. 231-236
Measurements of excitation temperature in an argon plasma jet
S.A. Rienzi and A.G. Gaydon
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p. 237-240
Pressure dependence of the thermal conductivity and ultrasonic attenuation of non-metallic solids
D.L. Mooney and R.G. Steg
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p. 241-242
Conferences and meetings
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