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p. 243-268
Plasma chemical reactions (A review)
V.J. Ibberson
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p. 269-276
X-Ray diffraction studies on Zn3As2 and Cd3As2 at high pressure
M.D. Banus and Mary C. Lavine
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p. 277-288
Microanalytical investigation of high-temperature reactions in the CaO-SiO2 system
J. Gebauer and W. Weisweiler
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p. 289-307
Dynamic adiabatic calorimetry
E.E. Stansbury and C.R. Brooks
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p. 309-325
Zur Messung der Temperaturleitfähigkeit nach der Methode des modulierten Elektronenstrahls
H.E. Schmidt, M. van den Berg, und L. van der Hoek
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p. 327-337
Recent thermal diffusivity measurements of tantalum-tungsten and hafnium-tantalum alloys
G. L. Denman
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p. 339-356
Presse spéciale à enclumes hexaédriques
M. Contré
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p. 357-365
E.m.f. measurements on cobalt-copper alloys
W.A. Dench and O. Kubaschewski
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p. 367-368
Conferences and meetings
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