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p. 599-625
Un prototype à enclumes glissantes pour hautes pressions et grands volumes, le SAD 2
Raymond Epain, Geneviève Bocquillon, Christiane Loriers-Susse, Alphonse Frelat, Boris Vodar
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p. 627-639
The effect of the strength of materials on the interpretation of data from opposed-anvil high-pressure devices
Gary L. Kinsland
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p. 641-650
Effect of uniaxial stress component on equations of state determined with an opposed-anvil x-ray apparatus
Anil K. Singh
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p. 651-653
Effect of uniaxial stress component on the equation of state determined with an opposed-anvil x-ray apparatus—a discussion
Gary L. Kinsland
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p. 655-661
Isothermal compressibility, to 20 kbar, of Pyrex glass and fused silica
D. Vo Thanh, A. Lacam
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p. 663-666
On the stability of silver iodide at high pressures
Grigorii T. Dubovka
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p. 667-680
Zusammensetzung der Spaltgase aus Erdöl und Erdgas
Werner Samsel, Erich Schwarz-Bergkampf
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p. 681-692
Étude thermodynamique des alliages de tellure et d’indium. 1. Calorimétrie de réaction directe
Hechmi Said, Robert Castanet
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p. 693-697
An attempt to calculate the heat of solution of oxygen in liquid alkali metals
Krzysztof Fitzner, Lidia Lityńska
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p. 699-702
Investigations of the Cr-Mo-N system
Peter Ettmayer, Alfred Vendl, Richard Kieffer
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p. 703-706
Interaction studies on dilute cadmium solutions in the Cd-Sn and Cd-Pb-Sn systems
Leszek Zabdyr, Zbigniew Moser
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p. 707-708
The melting curve of lead determined by electrical resistance at high pressure
Gary C. Vezzoli
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p. 709-712
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p. 713-716
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