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6th ETPC: Temperature (Metrology)

p. 119-134
The techniques and relevance of thermodynamic temperature measurement
Peter B. Coates
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p. 135-150
The International Practical Temperature Scale of 1968 and its probable future development
Ronald E. Bedford
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p. 151-172
Resistance thermometry
Luigi Crovini
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p. 173-192
Accurate thermocouple thermometry
Leslie A. Guildner, George W. Burns
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p. 193-208
Current status of applied precision radiation thermometry
Herbert Kunz
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p. 209-220
Modern methods of temperature measurement in the study of thermophysical properties at high temperatures
Giuseppe Ruffino
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6th ETPC: Temperature (Applications)

p. 221-224
Surface temperature measurement through radiance temperature and emissivity at two wavelengths
Giuseppe Ruffino
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p. 225-239
High-speed pyrometry and spectroscopy in laser-pulse heating experiments at extreme rates of evaporation
Roland W. Ohse, Jean-François Babelot, Peter R. Kinsman, Keith A. Long, Joseph Magill
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p. 241-249
Chemical aspects of the choice of secondary melting-point standards for the temperature range 2000-3000 °C
C.B. Alcock
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p. 251-252
Conferences and meetings
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