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p. 253
P.W. Bridgman Award
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p. 255-269
High-temperature properties of commercial pyrolytic graphite
Claus G. Goetzel
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p. 271-280
Hugoniot parameters to 320 GPa for three types of steel
William H. Gust, Daniel J. Steinberg, David A. Young
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p. 281-288
High-temperature quantitative DTA analysis
Guy O’Neill, William F. Wall
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p. 289-300
The direct calculation of radiance temperatures in photoelectric pyrometry
Peter B. Coates
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p. 301-310
Heat transfer rates to a flat plate from a normally-impinging nitrogen-plasma jet
Gianni Venuti, Pierre Valentin
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p. 311-316
Diamond-anvil pressure cell for x-ray diffraction studies with a solid-state detector or a position-sensitive proportional counter
Ken-ichi Takemura, Osamu Shimomura, Kiyoo Tsuji, Shigeru Minomura
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p. 317-322
The phase diagram of KHSO4 to 3 · 2 GPa, 450 °C
Eliezer Rapoport, Angus I. Kingon, James B. Clark
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p. 323-328
Compressibility of several metal polyphosphinates to 30 kbar
Alan W. Webb, Laird C. Towle, E. Roy Carpenter, Jr.
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p. 329-335
Nonuniform line broadening in high-pressure x-ray diffraction patterns
Anil K. Singh, Aiyasami Jayaraman
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p. 335-338
Discussion on melting curve maximum in caesium
Sudhir N. Vaidya
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p. 339-341
Thermal conductivity of NaF at high pressures
Ove Alm, Gunnar Bäckström
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p. 343-347
Étude thermodynamique des alliages de tellure et d’indium. 2. Analyse calorimétrique différentielle
Hechmi Saïd, Robert Castanet
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p. 349-352
Investigation of the Mo-W-N system
Gerhard Banik, Peter Ettmayer, Alfred Vendi, Richard Kieffer
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p. 353
Book review
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