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p. 367-376
Introductory lecture: Materials aspects of the supply and use of energy
Derek Pooley
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p. 377-381
Thermodynamic optimisation in CVD processes involving candidate materials for photovoltaic solar energy conversion and for space applications
Claude Bernard
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p. 383-386
High-temperature vaporization and thermodynamics of the titanium oxides: XVII. Approximate oxygen potentials in metal-rich solutions
Bernard Granier, Paul W Gilles
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p. 387-397
Predictive calculations of volatilities of metals and oxides in steam-containing environments
Oscar H Krikorian
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p. 399-408
High-temperature vaporization of calcium oxide
Toshiyuki Sata, Tadashi Sasamoto, Kazutoshi Matsumoto
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p. 409-416
A mass spectrometric investigation of the iron-chromium-cobalt system
Bernard B Argent, Martin Ellis, Günter Effenberg
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p. 417-422
Analytical evaluation of ternary thermodynamics from investigations by Knudsen-cell mass spectrometry
Josef Tomiska
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p. 423-430
New pulse counting method for the improvement of the sensitivity and precision of vapour-pressure measurements
Michio Yamawaki, Masaru Yasumoto, Chuichiro Nakano, Masayoshi Kanno
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p. 431-439
Thermodynamics of the UxPu1-xO2-z system in the liquid range
Jean-François Babelot, Michael Hoch, Roland W Ohse
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p. 441-448
Interpretation of laser pulse heating experiments for determination of vapour pressures of nuclear fuel materials at high temperatures
J Magill, C Cercignani, Roland W Ohse
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p. 449-463
Application of an approximate form of spacing statistics to the high-temperature thermodynamic properties of UO2
Livio Manes, Valerio Dallacasa, Benedetto Leonardis
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p. 465-475
Thermodynamic properties of liquid thorium monocarbide up to the critical point
Guido Gigli, Marcella Guido, Giovanni De Maria
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p. 477-485
Influence of material properties on the retention of fission products by silicon carbide coatings
Rüdiger Förthmann, Ernö Gyarmati, Jochen Linke, Erich Wailura
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p. 487-488
Book Reviews
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