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p. 1-17
Thermodynamic properties of uranium nitride, plutonium nitride and uranium-plutonium mixed nitride
Tsuneo Matsui, Roland W Ohse
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p. 19-27
Thermophysical measurements on liquid iron and nickel
Gemot Pottlacher, Helmut Jäger, Theo Neger
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p. 29-36
Determination of thermal diffusivity of liquids by laser flash method
Zhaohong Fang, Roy Taylor
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p. 37-41
Measurement of the thermal diffusivity of anisotropic materials
Mouloud Amazouz, Christian Moyne, Alain Degiovanni
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p. 43-50
Liquids under pressure: an analysis of methods for thermal conductivity prediction and a general correlation
Giovanni Latini, Carlo Baroncini, Paolo Pierpaoli
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p. 51-56
Hot-wire transient method for measuring the thermal conductivity of liquids. Predictions for families of alcohols and aldehydes
Carlo Baroncini, Giovanni Latini, Francesco Piazza
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p. 57-64
Measurements of the effective thermal conductivity of dispersed materials
You Wang Song, Erich Hahne
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p. 65-75
An instrument to measure the viscosity of liquids up to 300 MPa and 400 K using a torsionally vibrating quartz crystal
Fernando J Vieira dos Santos, Carlos A Nieto de Castro
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p. 77-87
An AC dilatometer for linear expansivity measurement
Tom H Johansen
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p. 89-94
Superconductivity of niobium carbonitride coatings on carbon fibres
Manfred Dietrich, Erich Fitzer, Thomas Stumm
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p. 95-102
Measurement of selected properties of a glass-filled polymer composite
Jack B Henderson, Mark P Doherty
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p. 103-109
Measurement of the decomposition kinetics of a polymer composite using a high-temperature, high-heating-rate simultaneous thermal analyzer
Jack B Henderson, Edward F O’Brien
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p. 111-117
Application of a solid electrolyte sensor to the determination of the chemical diffusion coefficients in Nb1_y02
Tsuneo Matsui, Minoru Murata, Keiji Naito
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