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p. 119-160
Critical evaluation of the thermodynamic properties of zirconium
Armando Fernández Guillermet
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p. 161-176
Calculations of the Hugoniot pressure and pressure derivative of the bulk modulus for transition metals
Uwe Walzer
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p. 177-194
Intercomparison of platinum thermocouple calibrations
Luigi Crovini, Roberto Perissi, John W Andrews, Christopher Brookes, Walter Neubert, Pieter Bloembergen, Jean Voyer, lb Wessel
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p. 195-200
The thermodynamic discontinuities ΔS, ΔH, and ΔV along the melting curve. 2. n-H2 and n-D2
Louis van der Putten, Jan A Schouten
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p. 201-209
Measurement of the enthalpy of mixing of the liquid system CaO-B2O3 by drop calorimetry
Josef Klein, Franz Müller
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p. 211-214
Oxidation resistance of carbon fibres
Om Parkash Bahl, Tessern Lal Dhami
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p. 215-220
The properties of a zirconia pressure medium prepared by powder compaction with a sodium silicate solution
Hisao Kanda, Gabriel Gwanmesia, Osamu Fukunaga
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p. 221-224
Study on the blowout mechanism of gaskets in large pressure-generating systems by dimensional analysis
Akira Yoneda
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p. 225-230
The use of homogeneous metal gaskets for stable generation of 8 GPa in 16 cm3 in MA8 apparatus
Akira Yoneda
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p. 231-233
Simplified use of a high-pressure belt-type apparatus (Technical Note)
Jean-Pierre Bastide, Jilali El Hajri
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p. 235-236
Pressure measurements in steam explosion experiments
Lloyd S Nelson, Patricia M Duda, William B Leisher, Heonil Kim, Michael L Corradini
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