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p. 355-361
Thermal depth profiles of artificial graphites, measured by frequency–dependent photoacoustics
Bruno K Bein, Ulrich Krebs, Josef Pelzl
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p. 363-371
Simultaneous measurement of the thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of fluids
João M N A Fareieira, Carlos A Nieto de Castro
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p. 373-376
Thermal conductivity of Inconel 600 and Ti–6AI–4V from 360 K to 900 K
Livio Filoni, Gabriele Rocchini
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p. 377-382
Thermophysical properties of iron specimens of different purities at high temperatures
Vladislav E Peletskii0
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p. 383-389
Mesure de la conductivité thermique de milieux poreux non saturés: analyse théorique et expériences
Smail Azizi, Jean-Christophe Batsale, Christian Moyne, Alain Degiovanni
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p. 391-400
Measurements of the thermophysical properties of structural materials in laboratory and in situ: methods and instrumentation
Alessandro Lanciani, Paolo Morabito, Pio Rossi, Franco Barberis, Renza Berti, Aldo Capelli, Pier Giorgio Sona
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p. 401-405
Behaviour of (δT/δρ)s near the γ–α transformation of cerium
L N Dzhavadov
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p. 407-410
Nonstationary frequency measurements as a basis for methods of studying thermal phenomena
A G Shashkov, V I Krylovich, A S Konovalov
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p. 411-421
Evaluation of a direct pulse heating method for measurement of specific heat and electric resistivity in the range 300–1900 K
Aleksandar S Dobrosavljevic, Kosta D Maglić
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p. 423-429
A modified approach to the conduction-radiation heat transport mechanism in the AC heated strip technique for the measurement of thermal properties of liquids
Sobhy R Atalla, Hatem F Hassan
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p. 431-435
Quasistationary measurement of thermophysical properties at high temperatures and high pressures
V E Zinov’ev, A D Ivliev, I G Korshunov, L D Zagrebin, V I Bocharov, A A Starostin, S G Taluts
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p. 437-439
Thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity of molybdenum and molybdenum-titanium bimetal at high temperatures
A A Kurichenko, S G Taluts, I G Korshunov, A D Ivliev, V E Zinov’ev
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p. 441-454
The calculation of the ρ–Τ–xi high-pressure phase diagram of the Cd-Sn-Zn ternary system
Ping Xiao, Lizhu Song, Hongye Kang, Muyu Zhao
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p. 455-465
Thermodynamics of dilute solutions of sodium and oxygen in liquid tin
Sung–Ki Lim, Franz Müller
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p. 467-472
Thermal properties of acetophenone and its derivatives in the temperature range 20–90 °C
Mohyi A Kenawy, Massarat B S Osman, Amira Z Dakroury
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