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p. 481-522
Radiative transfer in nontransparent dispersed media
Harald Reiss
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p. 523-532
Crystal structures of UP2, UAs2, UAsS, and UAsSe in the pressure range up to 60 GPa
Leif Gerward, Janus Staun Olsen, Ulrich Benedict, Sylvie Dabos-Seignon, Huan Luo
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p. 533-539
A method of measuring the electric conductivity of saturated rocks in a high-pressure cell subjected to high temperatures
Paul W J Glover, Russell G Ross
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p. 541-548
Pressure and temperature dependence of thermal transport properties of granites
Ulfert Seipold
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p. 549-558
Bulk moduli of olivines
Lin-gun Liu
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p. 559-568
Three-dimensional reinforced composite materials
F-J Arendts
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p. 569-578
The fabrication of isotropic carbon fibres based on pitches containing additives
Erich Fitzer, Guang Zheng Liu
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p. 579-585
Development of pitch-based carbon fibres
Erich Fitzer, Wolfgang Metzler
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p. 587-596
Dynamic and structural analysis of cylindrical shells of carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer
Young-Shin Lee, Jang-Woo Ong
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p. 597
Conferences and Meetings
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