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Papers from the 13 ECTP

p. 241-250
Isochoric density measurements of dense gaseous mixtures of carbon dioxide and water
Abdelhamid Fenghour, William A Wakeham, Jim T R Watson
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p. 251-256
Quasi-isochoric (p, ρ, T) measurements, second virial coefficient, and vapour pressure of n-octane
Jürgen Millat, Eckard Bich, Heike Hendl, Anne-Katrin Neumann
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p. 257-266
Density and viscosity of terpene mixtures
Ana M F Gomes Medeiros, Ana T Sousa, Carlos A Nieto de Castro
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p. 267-272
Measurements of isobaric heat capacity for liquid difluoromethane (HFC-32)
Mitsuteru Yomo, Haruki Sato, Koichi Watanabe
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p. 273-285
Experimental error analysis for the transient hot-wire technique
Guang Wang, James E S Venart, Ramesh C Prasad
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p. 287-298
An automated system for the investigation of the thermophysical properties of liquids in shear flow
Sergei V Ponomarev, Sergei V Mischenko, Aleksandr G Divin
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p. 299-307
Measurement of the thermophysical properties of porous materials at high temperatures
Bruno K Bein, Jürgen Gibkes, André Mensing, Josef Pelzl
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p. 309-315
Investigation of the interaction of high-temperature metal melts with refractory concretes
Sergei V Onufriev, Tat’yana I Borodina, Leonora B Borovkova, Eugene P Pakhomov, Vaycheslav A Petukhov, Eugene N Shestakov, Georgii E Valyano, Vladimir E Fortov
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p. 317-321
Measurement of thermal diffusivity at very high temperatures
Hamdi Helali, Michel Laurent, Christian Fort
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p. 323-330
Heat transfer by solid conduction in a felt made of carbon fibre
Jean-Pierre Bardon, Florin Danès
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p. 331-338
Determination of the thermophysical properties of insulating materials from transient data
Guido Milano, Federico Scarpa, Ruggero Bartolini
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p. 339-351
Solution of inverse problems of radiation transfer in semitransparent scattering materials based on the radiation diffusion approximation
Vadim A Petrov
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p. 353-355
Workshop on the thermophysical properties of high-temperature molten materials
William Wakeham, Maria José Lourenço
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p. 357-361
Workshop on the thermophysical properties of alternative refrigerants
Akira Nagashima, Manuel Matos Lopes
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