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Papers from the 14th ECTP

p. 1-3
Jean-François Sacadura
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p. 5-10
Experimental pressure, volume, and temperature data in gaseous phase for trifluoroiodomethane (CF3I)
Yuan-Yuan Duan, Ming-Shan Zhu, Li-Zhong Han
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p. 11-17
High-temperature high-pressure vapour-liquid equilibrium measurements on the ternary system methane-n-hexane-n-tetradecane
Maria-João Cebola, Krzysztof Chylinski, Graham Saville, William A Wakeham
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p. 19-24
Vapour-liquid coexistence curve of some alternative refrigerants in the critical region
Junzo Yata, Masatomo Hori, Ken Kohno, Tatsuo Minamiyama
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p. 25-31
Thermodynamic properties of binary and ternary mixtures of the refrigerants R32, R125, R134a, and R143a
Ralf Köster, Gerhard Herres, Martin Buschmeier, Dieter Gorenflo
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p. 33-37
A group contribution (UNIFAC) study for the binary mixtures containing a fluoroalkane and an alkane
Josefa García, Enriqueta R López, Josefa Fernández, José L Legido
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p. 39-44
Thermal conductivity of mixtures of HFC-32 and HFC-125 in the liquid phase
Xianfeng Gao, Kazuyoshi Nomura, Yuji Nagasaka, Akira Nagashima
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p. 45-50
Measurements and modelling of the effective thermal conductivity of zeolite powders
Klaus Spindler, Andreas Griesinger, Erich Hahne
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p. 51-57
A difference method for determining the thermal conductivity of porous materials in a wide temperature range
Robert Černý, Jan Toman
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p. 59-66
Development of a thermal diffusivity measurement system with a picosecond thermoreflectance technique
Naoyuki Taketoshi, Tetsuya Baba, Akira Ono
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p. 67-72
Using the cosine Fourier transform in thermal diffusivity measurement
Jozef Gembarovič, Raymond E Taylor
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p. 73-79
Determination of the thermal diffusivity and conductivity of monocrystalline silicon carbide (300-2300 K)
Ove Nilsson, Harald Mehling, Ronny Horn, Jochen Fricke, Rainer Hofmann, Stephan G Müller, Robert Eckstein, Dieter Hofmann
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p. 81-88
Laser probing determination of the thermal conductivity of integrated circuit dielectric layers
Tâm Phan, Stefan Dilhaire, Jean-Christophe Batsale, Véronique Quintard, Wilfrid Claeys
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p. 89-95
Precise, versatile interferometric dilatometer for room-temperature operation: measurements on some standard reference materials
Masahiro Okaji, Naofumi Yamada
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p. 97-102
Specific heat and electric resistivity of molybdenum between 400 and 2500 K
Kosta D Maglić, Nenad Lj Perović, Gligo S Vuković
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p. 103-111
Radiance temperatures (in the wavelength range 530-1500 nm) of iron and cobalt at their melting points by a pulse-heating technique
Erhard Kaschnitz, John L McClure, Ared Cezairliyan
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p. 113-118
Synthesis and electric properties of palladium sulfide bronzes MPd3S4 (M = rare-earth element)
Nobuaki Sato, Makoto Wakeshima, Hidetoshi Masuda, Kohta Yamada, Takeo Fujino
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p. 119-124
Measurements of thermophysical properties as tools to study the phase diagrams of fullerenes under pressure
Bertil Sundqvist, Alexander Soldatov, Anders Lundin, Ove Andersson
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p. 125-126
Conferences and meetings
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