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Thermodynamic properties of serum and plasma of patients sick with cancer
Jamlet Monaselidze, Yagor Kalandadze, Iracli Topuridze, Mikhail Gadabadze

It was established that in the process of heating blood serum and plasma of healthy persons the bulk of serum albumin undergoes denaturation in the narrow temperature range Dqd/°C = 4.0 with transition temperature,qd, about 60.5 °C, with a weak diffusion transition at qd about 79.5 °C and Dqd/°C = 12.0. The melting heat for one gramme of blood serum was 5.2 cal. It was also established that fibrinogen in the composition of plasma of healthy persons denatured in two stages with transition temperatures at 53.0 °C and 83.0 °C. Tests distinguishing cancer from the norm with the help of the thermal parameters of albumin and other dominant proteins in the composition of blood plasma and serum were devised.

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