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Elevated temperature mechanical and thermophysical properties of titanium carbide particle-reinforced tungsten composites
Gui Ming Song, Yu Jin Wang, Yu Zhou, Ting Chuan Lei

An investigation on the elevated temperature mechanical properties and thermophysical properties of 30 vol% titanium carbide particle-reinforced tungsten matrix (TiCp/W) composites produced by a powder metallurgical technique shows that with increasing temperature, the strength of the TiCp/W composites increases gradually and reaches a maximum value at 1000 °C, which is much higher than that at room temperature. The elastic modulus decreases slightly with a rise of temperature from room temperature to 1200 °C, and the linear expansion varies linearly with temperature. The elevated strength, density, modulus, and coefficient of thermal expansion of TiCp/W composites makes them suitable for the manufacture of counterbalances in combustion motors for use at high temperature.

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