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Isothermal vapour – liquid equilibrium measurements for the binary mixtures HFC-125 + HFC-245fa and HC-290 + HFC-245fa
Sergio Bobbo, Roberto Camporese, Giancarlo Scalabrin

Isothermal vapour – liquid equilibrium pressure, temperature, and mole fraction data on two binary refrigerant systems, HFC-125 + HFC-245fa and HC-290 + HFC-245fa, were measured. The measurements were performed by means of a recirculation apparatus with gas-chromatographic analysis of the composition. Two isotherms per system are presented, at temperatures of 298 K and 313 K. The whole composition range between the two pure compounds was investigated. Estimated accuracies of the measured data are ±0.02 K for temperature, ±1 kPa for pressure, ± 0.002 in mole fraction for liquid and vapour composition.

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