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The enthalpy of a solid and liquid titanium – aluminium – vanadium alloy
Robert Brooks, James Robinson, Lindsay Chapman, Michael Richardson

Measurements of the enthalpy (HTH25°C) of the titanium alloy Ti – 6Al – 4V were made with the use of a differential power-scanning calorimeter, a differential temperature-scanning calorimeter, and a levitated-drop calorimeter in the temperature range 25 to 1900°C. Some features of the levitated-drop calorimeter are also given. The data are compared with thermodynamic calculations made with the use of MTDATA, and microsecond and millisecond measurements by other workers. Agreement between calculations and measurements at high temperatures is within 5%. The solidification range was calculated to be 1675 to 1689°C, and the enthalpy due to solidification 295±15 rm J g-1.

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