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Equation of state for molten alkaline earth metals from the heat of vaporization
Jalil Moghadasi, Leila Maftoon, Ali Boushehri, Hossein Eslami

An analytical equation of state, originally derived for normal fluids, is applied to predict the liquid density of saturated molten alkaline earth metals. Three temperature-dependent parameters of the equation of state are calculated as functions of reduced temperature with the use of the law of corresponding states. The results show that the saturated liquid densities of magnesium, calcium, strontium, and barium can be predicted from the melting point up to several hundred degrees above the boiling point. In particular, it is shown that two easily measurable constants—the latent heat of vaporisation and the liquid density at the boiling point—are sufficient to determine the P – V – T properties for these metals within an accuracy of ±5%.

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