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p. 241-260
High-temperature thermometry (A review)
R.E. Bedford
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p. 261-269
Berechnung der Temperaturverteilung gleichstromerwärmter Leiter
K.H. Bode, P. Spindler
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p. 271-280
Measurements of the spectral emissivity of tungsten using Fourier transform spectroscopy
J.L. Rodgers
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p. 281-291
Mechanical behaviour of molybdenum and tantalum under high pressures at elevated temperatures
M. Nishihara, S. Miura, T. Hirano
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p. 293-310
Guide blocks and compressible pads for the practical operation of multiple-anvil sliding system for the production of high pressure
M. Kumazawa, K. Masaki, H. Sawamoto, M. Kato
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p. 311-316
On the possibility of direct coesite – quartz transformation at high pressure
L.D. Livshits, L.V. Larionov, I.S. Delitsin, V.P. Petrov, V.E. Svintitskich
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p. 317-327
Entwicklung von Sondergraphiten für Líthiumhydrid/Fluor-Raketentriebwerke
O. Rubisch, R.E. Lo
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p. 329-337
The stress-strain characteristics of non-irradiated and irradiated nuclear graphites
M.R. Everett, F. Ridealgh
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p. 339-342
Dommages radio-induits dans le graphite en pile. Corrélation entre température et densité de flux à haute température
J.P. Genthon, G. Micaud
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p. 343-351
Données thermochimiques relatives aux systèmes étain – tellure et plomb – tellure
R. Castanet, Y. Claire, M. Laffitte
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p. 353-358
A 15 kbar high-pressure apparatus for use in very high magnetic fields
G.D. Pitt, D.A. Gunn
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p. 359-362
High-temperature strength of carbon – carbon composites up to 2000°C (Letter to the Editor)
E. Fitzer, B. Terwiesch
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