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p. 363-369
Specific heat measurements by a pulsed electron beam method
M.J. Wheeler
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p. 371-377
The heat capacities of Ga2O3(c), Tl2O3(c), ZnO(c), and CdO(c)
K.C. Mills
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p. 379-387
The Lorenz function of transition metals at high temperatures
M.J. Laubitz
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p. 389-393
Verfahren zur Messung der Wärmeleitfähigkeit poröser Stoffe bei hohen Temperaturen
G. Neuer
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p. 395-399
The exponential temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity of hexagonal close-packed Hf, Ti, and Zr alloys
F. Claisse, M. Cormier, C. Frigout
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p. 401-409
Thermal conductivity of neutron-irradiated graphites at temperatures between 50 and 1000°C
L. Binkele
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p. 411-416
A laser flash technique for determining thermal diffusivity of liquid metals at elevated temperatures: applications to mercury and aluminum
J.T. Schriempf
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p. 417-429
Nondestructive atomic diffusion studies using X-ray diffraction—experimental considerations
C.R. Houska
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p. 431-438
Diffusivité thermique de l’oxyde d’uranium et de l’oxyde de thorium à haute température
J-C Weilbacher
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p. 439-446
A comparative study of the thermal diffusivities of stainless steel, hafnium, and Zircaloy
A.J. Walter, R.M. Dell, K.E. Gilchrist, R. Taylor
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p. 447-451
Experimental investigation of thermophysical properties of liquid metals at elevated temperatures
S.R. Atalla
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p. 453-458
Measurement of melting point, normal spectral emittance (at melting point), and electrical resistivity (above 2650 K) of niobium by a pulse heating method
A. Cezairliyan
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p. 459-462
Thermal expansion of tungsten from 293 to 1800 K
R.K. Kirby
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p. 463-469
Anisotropic thermal expansion and compressibility of ZrSiO4
T.G. Worlton, L. Cartz, A. Niravath, H. Ozkan
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p. 471-475
New determination of the freezing point of copper
F. Righini, A. Rosso, G. Ruffino
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p. 477-481
The ultrasonic thermometer—construction, application, and operating experience
H.A. Tasman, H.E. Schmidt
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p. 483
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p. 484
Conferences and meetings
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