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p. 485-491
Détermination expérimentale des enthalpies de fusion de l’uranium et du béryllium
A. Radenac, C. Berthaut
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p. 493-495
High-temperature specific heat of U02+x
M. Hoch
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p. 497-501
The thermal conductivity of pyrolytically deposited carbon between 25 and 1100°C after fast-neutron irradiation
K.E. Gilchrist
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p. 503-511
The thermal conductivity of a number of alloys at elevated temperatures
R.P. Tye, R.W. Hayden, S.C. Spinney
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p. 513-521
The electrical resistivity of castable zirconias
B.J. McMahon, E. Rothwell
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p. 523-531
Survey on direct heating methods for high-temperature thermophysical property measurements of solids
R.E. Taylor
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p. 533-535
High-temperature specific heat of solids
M. Hoch
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p. 537-539
Wärmephysikalische Eigenschaften von Hochtemperatur – Elektroisolierstoffen auf Grundlage nichtmetallischer hochschmelzender Verbindungen
G.V. Samsonov, T.V. Andreeva, T.V. Dubovik
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p. 541-550
High-speed (subsecond) simultaneous measurement of specific heat, electrical resistivity, and hemispherical total emittance of Ta – 10(wt.%)W alloy in the range 1500 to 3200 K 541
A. Cezairliyan
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p. 551-557
Thermal expansion of glassy carbon
P.S. Gaal
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p. 559-571
Cooperative thermal-expansion measurements between 1000 and 2600°C
E. Fitzer, S. Weisenburger
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p. 573-587
Freezing and melting of silver – copper eutectic alloys at very slow rates
G. Bongiovanni, L. Crovini, P. Marcarino
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p. 589-596
Utilisation des températures de fusion des eutectiques comme étalons secondaires de températures au-dessus de 2327 K
F. Cabannes, J. Simonato, M. Foex, J.P. Coutures
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p. 597-603
System for fast high-temperature measurements
F. Righini, A. Rosso, G. Ruffino
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