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p. 123-126
Apparatus for electrical resistivity measurements on flash diffusivity samples
R.E. Taylor, H. Groot
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p. 127-136
Pressure effects on the initial carbonization reactions of anthracene
P.W. Whang, F. Dachille, P.L. Walker, Jr.
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p. 137-147
Pressure effects on the structure of carbons produced from anthracene
P.W. Whang, F. Dachille, P.L. Walker, Jr.
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p. 149-154
Decomposition of carbon monoxide in induction-coupled argon plasma jet
Y. Nishimura, T. Takenouchi, W. Sakai
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p. 155-163
Diffusionsuntersuchungen im System Ti-V mittels Mikrosonde
A. Brunsch, S. Steeb
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p. 165-172
Torsion machine for use under superimposed pressures of 1 GPa, and preliminary results
B. Crossland, A.K. Mitra
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p. 173-176
Obtention de hautes pressions d’hydrogène par cryogénie
R. Broudeur, J.P. Fidelle, M. Rapin
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p. 177-188
Erosion behavior of materials in rain at high velocities
G.F. Schmitt, Jr.
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p. 189-193
Condensateur pour la mesure précise de la constante diélectrique des gaz comprimés jusqu’à 12 kbar: application à l’hélium
A. Dedit, J. Brielles, M. Lallemand, D. Vidal
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p. 195-201
The equation of state of platinum to 680 GPa
J.A. Morgan
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p. 203-215
Untersuchungen zum Mischbarkeits-, Zustands- und Strukturverhalten im System ZnSe – MnSe bei Drücken biskbar und Temperaturen von 500-1100°C
L. Cernič, A. Neuhaus
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p. 217-221
Comments on the mechanical behaviour of molybdenum and tantalum under high pressures
C.H. Robbins, A.S. Wronski
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p. 223-227
Two-colour pyrometry on nonisothermal fields: a measurement problem in siderurgy
G. Ruffino
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p. 229-236
Interdiffusion of niobium and tantalum between 1400 and 2000°C
W. Weisweiler, G.D. Nageshwar
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p. 237-240
Gallium arsenide pressure sensor
M.K.R. Vyas
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p. 241-244
Phase diagram of CdSb semiconductive compound to 80 kbar
I.T. Belash, E.G. Ponyatovskii
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p. 245
Book reviews
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p. 247
Conferences and meetings
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