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Isentropic expansion of shock-compressed zinc at high pressures and temperatures
Konstantin V. Khishchenko, Mikhail V. Zhernokletov, Vladimir E. Fortov, Sergey I. Kirshanov, Alexey E. Kovalev, Igor V. Lomonosov, Mikhail A. Mochalov and Alexander N. Shuikin

Expansion of shock-compressed zinc in isentropic release waves is investigated experimentally over the range of pressures from P ≃100 to 0.1 GPa and densities from ρ≃ 1.2ρ0 to ∼ 0.01ρ0, where ρ0 is the normal density of the metal. Obtained data are analyzed with the use of a multiphase equation of state, which takes into account melting and evaporation effects at high temperatures and pressures.

Keywords: Equation of state, Hugoniot, shock compression, isentropic release, zinc, high energy densities.

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