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Thermophysical properties of liquid Al-Ni alloys
Iván Egry, Rob Brooks, Dirk Holland-Moritz, Rada Novakovic, Taishi Matsushita, Yuriy Plevachuk, Enrica Ricci, Seshadri Seetharaman, Vasyl Sklyarchuk and Rainer Wunderlich

Within the Integrated Project IMPRESS, funded by the EU, thermophysical properties of two Al-Ni alloys have been investigated: Raney-nickel (Al-31.5at%Ni) and Al-25at%Ni, corresponding to the intermetallic phase Al3Ni. Transition temperatures, latent heat, heat capacity, density and electrical resistivity were measured in the solid and liquid phases. In addition, surface tension and viscosity of the melts were also determined. All quantities have been obtained as a function of temperature, in some cases also in the undercooled liquid. In this paper, we report on results obtained for the liquid phase using advanced container-based and containerless measurement methods. The obtained data yield a comprehensive characterization of this technologically relevant class of alloys.

Keywords: Thermophysical properties, nickel aluminides, liquid metals, specific heat, density, surface tension, diffusivity, resistivity.

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