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The metrological platform of LNE for measuring thermophysical properties of materials
Bruno Hay, Jacques Hameury, Jean-Rémy Filtz, Frédérique Haloua and Ronan Morice

As National Metrology Institute (NMI), LNE has been developing for many years comprehensive and high accurate facilities (a number being unique within France) for measuring the main thermophysical properties of materials (thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, specific heat, gross calorific values and radiative properties) in a large temperature range with reliable uncertainties of measurement. These measurement means are grouped together on one metrological platform which is a part of the center in charge of the Scientific and Industrial Metrology activities at LNE. The main activities of this platform are basic and applied Research, development of accurate measurement methods, dissemination of measurements or SI-traceable calibrations, certification of reference materials (CRMs) and knowledge transfer to Industry, Research and Society. This article is intended to highlight the metrological activities of LNE in the field of thermophysical properties, including the current developments in progress. A description of the main facilities developed, measurement methods and associated uncertainties are here given.

Keywords: Gross calorific value, metrology, radiative properties, specific heat, thermal conductivity, thermal database, thermal diffusivity, thermophysical properties, uncertainty.

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