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Research and development of metrological standards for thermophysical properties of solids in the National Metrology Institute of Japan
Tetsuya Baba, Naofumi Yamada, Naoyuki Taketoshi, Hiromichi Watanabe, Megumi Akoshima, Takashi Yagi, Haruka Abe and Yuichiro Yamashita

As the national metrology institute representing Japan, the mission of the National Metrology Institute of Japan (NMIJ) is establishment of the national standards and reference materials. Research for thermophysical properties of solid is mainly performed by the thermophysical properties section in the material properties and metrological statistics division of NMIJ. Mission of the thermophysical properties section is to establish the national standard, the reference materials and the traceability for thermophysical property measurements from the view point of industrial, regulatory, and global needs. Reliable measurement methods, metrological standards, document standards such as ISO standards and Japanese industrial standards (JIS) have been developed for thermal conductivity, specific heat capacity, a thermal diffusivity, a thermal effusivity relating in transfer and storage of thermal energy and thermal expansion coefficient to express in temperature change of dimension of materials. The thermophysical properties section is also engaged in development of novel measurement technologies, such as a hybrid pulse heating method in order to measure multi properties simultaneously up to melting point of metals in faster than one second and pulsed light heating thermoreflectance methods in order to measure thermophysical properties of thin films.

Keywords: Thermophysical property, metrology, uncertainty, traceability, national standard, certified reference material, standardization, metric convention, national metrology institute, quality management system, database, reference data.

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