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Optical and electrical properties of 5 liquid binary alloys
Boris Wilthan and Gernot Pottlacher

The presented work describes the application of a microsecond division of amplitude photopolarimeter (μ-DOAP) within a fast ohmic pulse heating system to obtain optical constants (η, k) and further normal spectral emissivity at the given laser wavelength of 684.5 nm. Other then most ellipsometers this system has to operate without any moving parts due to the microsecond timescale of pulse heating experiments. An optical approach based on the Stokes formalism to describe the polarization state is used instead and leads to emissivity in the liquid phase. In addition to emissivity, the electrical resistivity ρig of the solid and liquid samples is obtained and reported as a function of temperature and mixing ratio. This manuscript reports data for commercially available alloys from the following systems: Ag-Cu, Cu-Ni, Re-Mo, and Re-W.

Keywords: Emissivity, alloys, pulse heating, optical constants, n, k, thermophysical properties, polarimetry.

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