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A new method to predict maximum attainable detonation pressure of ideal and aluminized energetic compounds
M.H. Keshavarz, A. Shokrolahi and H.R. Pouretedal

A new method is introduced for predicting detonation pressure of important classes of ideal and non-ideal explosives before their synthesis or formulation. It can be used in the early stage of the development of any pure and mixed explosives containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and fluorine atoms (CHNOF explosives) as well as aluminized explosives at their maximum theoretical density. There is no need to use heat of formation and loading density or any experimental data. The knowledge of molecular structure of high explosives is only necessary parameter to evaluate performance in the novel method. Predicted detonation pressures have a root mean square percent deviation of about 9.3 from 91 experimental data corresponding to different types of pure CHNOF explosives and explosive formulations. Also, the calculated results of the new method for aluminized explosives give more reliable results as compared to estimated outputs of thermodynamic/ hydrodynamic equilibrium code using full and partial equilibrium.

Keywords: Detonation pressure, High explosive, Aluminized explosive, Maximum theoretical density.

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