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A thermal model for the calculation of energy partitions in sawing with a segmented blade
Congfu Fang, Yanfen Lin and Xipeng Xu

A most important quantity that describes the thermal characteristics in machining is the energy partition ratio, which can be used to reveal the heat transfer and the possible thermal effects during machining. Analytical models proposed by previous study are used to calculate energy partition for estimating temperatures. However, the application scope of those models is limited because they were mainly taken the continuous grinding into account. In the present paper, a thermal model was proposed for intermittent grinding based on a periodical moving heat source model, and was used to analyze the energy partition ratio in the contact zone during sawing with segmented blades. The results from the model was also compared with experimental results and found to be in good agreement. Based on the model, the energy partition ratio under various sawing conditions were studied. The results suggest that the energy partition ratio has fluctuated characteristics in intermittent machining and that depth of cut and workpiece velocity has strong influence on energy partition ratio.

Keywords: Intermittent Grinding, Sawing, Energy partition ratio

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