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Size and shape dependent properties of wurtzite III nitride nanomaterials
Monika Goyal and B. R. K. Gupta

A theoretical model is proposed for the study of size and shape dependent thermal-optical properties of group III wurtzite type nitride nanomaterials. The model proposed is used to calculate the variation in melting temperature, cohesive energy, Debye temperature and energy band gap in AlN, GaN, InN nanostructures in spherical form, nanowire shaped and in the form of nanofilm. The melting temperature, cohesive energy and Debye temperature are found to decrease with decrease in grain size in nanostructures in comparison to bulk. Depending on shape, melting temperature in spherical nanosolid is less in comparison to melting temperature in nanofilms and nanowires. However, energy band gap in wurtzite III nitrides increases with decrease in melting temperature and size of nanosolid. The results obtained from present model for wurtzite III nitrides are compared with the other simulation results available. A good consistency is obtained between both the results which confirm the accuracy of the present model.

Keywords: Nanomaterials, melting temperature, Debye temperature, energy band gap, cohesive energy

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