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Thermal conductivity of liquid cesium in the temperature interval of 302–973 K
Alibek Sh. Agazhanov, Rasul N. Abdullaev, Dmitrii A. Samoshkin and Sergei V. Stankus

The thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of cesium melt were measured by the laser flash method in the temperature interval from the melting point up to 973 K with the error of 4–6%. The experiments were conducted using a stainless steel measuring cell. Filling and sealing of the measuring cell were carried out in a chemical glovebox filled with argon with a purity of 99.998 vol. %. Our data were compared with the results of other authors, including the values calculated according to the Wiedemann– Franz law. It is shown that the temperature dependence of thermal conductivity decreases at high temperatures and it has a maximum in the region of 500 K. Approximation equations for the temperature dependence of the studied properties have been developed. The temperature dependence of the Lorenz number has been obtained. It is established that the Wiedemann–Franz law with the theoretical Lorenz number is performed for liquid cesium with an error of 3–8%.

Keywords: cesium, thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, melt, laser flash method, Lorenz number

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