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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v48.729

With this volume, HTHP celebrates its 50th anniversary. The Editors are proud and honoured to serve a journal with such a long and impressive history.

The first volume of HTHP was published in 1969 by the founder and first editor, Erich Fitzer. It was a consequence of a conference held 1968 in Baden-Baden, organized by the Deutsche Keramische Gesellschaft [German Ceramics Society], which was the forerunner of the European Conference on Thermophysical Properties (ECTP). The links between the journal and this conference were very strong, and for a long time HTHP was the exclusive publisher of the conference proceedings. Prominent scientists served as editors for HTHP, among them Roy Taylor, who took over from Fitzer in 1993. Thanks to a joint effort of the editors and publishers, all issues of HTHP are now available through an Electronic Archive at

The mindful reader might wonder why volume 48 of HTHP marks the 50th anniversary of the journal. Well, there was a momentary lapse in publication between volumes 35 and 36 in 2006–7. In 2008, however, starting with volume 37, the journal was relaunched with a revitalized editorial board under new editorial direction, after acquisition of the publication by Old City Publishing. That volume contained the selected peer-reviewed proceedings of the 8th Asian Thermophysical Properties Conference (ATPC). We are very grateful to our Japanese colleagues A. Nagashima, M. Fujii, and Y. Nagasaka for supporting us with the preparation of this first, and therefore very high profile, contribution to the relaunched journal. Incidentally, the 50th anniversary of HTHP coincides (nearly) with the 10th anniversary of the new HTHP.

In 2013, HTHP regained its listing in the Journal Citation Report. Its 2017 impact factor (the latest available at the time of writing) is 0.544, the highest since its relaunch. For their help in reestablishing the impact factor, we are grateful to our authors for providing us with high-quality original research papers and for quoting them in their respective publications.

Following an Editorial Board meeting during the 21st ECTP in Graz, Austria, it was decided to reform the scope of HTHP and to treat fundamentals and applications on equal footing. Therefore, future issues will feature review papers on the use and importance of thermophysical properties in different areas of industrial applications. We hope that these papers will trigger discussion and further submissions related to aspects of applied thermophysical properties research.

Once again, our sincere thanks go to our authors, reviewers, and members of the editorial board for their excellent work, and – of course – to our subscribers, not to mention readers. We also want to thank our publishers, Old City Publishing, in particular Ian Mellanby, Martin O’Neill and Guy Griffiths for their support and cooperation.

Iván Egry, Jean-François Sacadura

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