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Composition and dimension dependence of melting temperature in bimetallic nanoalloys
Monika Goyal

The phenomological model for cohesive energy of metallic nanomaterials is extended to investigate the variation in thermodynamic properties of bimetallic nanostructures. The systematic investigation of variation in melting temperature of bimetallic nanomaterials is done to study the impact of size, composition and dimension. Decrease in melting temperature of bimetallic nanoalloys is found as size of nanoalloy decreases. It is noted that for bimetallic nanoalloys of same composition and having same size, the melting temperature varies on the basis of dimension of nanoalloy in the sequence such that .The present predicted results obtained from extended model are compared with the simulated and experimental results available. Good consistency is observed between the compared results which justify the present model theory.

Keywords: size; composition, dimension, bimetallic nanoalloys

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DOI: 10.32908/hthp.v50.981