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A Model of an Eighteen Lines Distributed Feedback Dye Laser (DFDL)
N. Khan, E. Kalair and N. Abas

A propelling mixture of 1 mMof Rh6G in ethanol has been used for the determination of several tuneable laser lines with the help of five pairs of 2nd harmonics of a passively Q-switched and mode locked Nd:YAG laser. The time gap between exciting pulses was speckled along a rationality length of 1 cm. Mirror straddling stages having microcontrollers were used for the fine tuning of wavelengths. It has been observed that lasing lines quantity has the range of variation from lowest value of 5 to highest value of 18 across wavelengths of 540 to 590 nm. The measurement of pulse lengths was also performed using a streak camera in order to check variance starting from the lowest level of 10 ps to the extreme of 30 ps.

Keywords: Nd:YAG laser, dye laser, distributed feedback dye laser (DFDL), steak camera, Rh6G, ethanol, ultrashort pulse, harmonics, terahertz

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