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Switchable Biocatalytic Electrodes Controlled by Biomolecular Computing Systems
Tsz Kin Tam

This review details the research advances in the integration of enzyme-based biocomputing systems operating as Boolean logic gates utilized for biomolecular information processing with signal-responsive electrodes. Biomolecular computing using enzyme-catalyzed reactions has been designed to allow logic processing different patterns of biochemical input signals and to generate a single output signal which can regulate the electrochemical activity of switchable electrodes, transducing the biochemical input signal into the electrical output signal. This approach has also led to switchable electrochemical interfaces logically controlled by concentration changes of biomarkers reflecting different physiological conditions. Various systems of switchable biocatalytic electrodes controlled by biochemicals according to built-in Boolean logic encoded in the enzymatic reactions are discussed.

Keywords: Biocomputing, logic gates, signal-responsive electrodes, biomarkers, enzymatic reactions

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