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International Journal of Wettability Science & Technology
Editor-in-Chief: David Waugh
ISSN: 2473-5035 (print)
ISSN: 2473-5043 (online)
64 pages/issue · 6″ x 9″
Issue Coverage: Volume 1 – present

Aims and Scope
The International Journal of Wettability Science & Technology (IJWST) publishes peer-reviewed research articles, reviews, short communications and letters relating to the field of wettability science, associated technologies and applications. The wettability of materials and the technology to analyse and modify these characteristics are growing in importance in many sectors of science and industry. This is due to the fact that there is a distinct realization that wettability characteristics play a limiting role for the application of adhesion in materials science, so with no more being able to be done to enhance the bulk properties of a material, the focus is now being turned towards modifying the surface properties of materials. The journal covers the micro- and nano-surface engineering of materials for the modification of the wettability characteristics, such as contact angle and surface energy parameters, along with recent advances in wettability science and technology. Owing to the importance and need for studies of wettability science, this journal provides a platform for a broad, coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach towards advancing the science and making inroads into developing future theories and technologies pertaining to wettability.