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Fuzzy Logic Choke Design Algorithm [Flcda]
D.M. Panhalker, R.R. Mudholkar, G.G. Tengashe, and S.R. Sawant

Chokes are one of wound components used in the Electrical and Electronics Industries. To the surprise of fabrication technology of discrete components, they have still remained indispensable in the Electrical and Electronics circuitry. Design of a choke possessing the specific characteristics is a cut-and-try iterative affair that largely depends on empirical data of heterogeneous type and bench adjustments involving judgments and decisions by an experienced designer. Here we propose a novel fuzzy based design algorithm-a FLCDA for chokes that amalgamates the knowledge and experience of field experts with diverse ingredients and variety of circuit conditions. The exercise of Fuzzy Logic in the designing process of choke embeds directly the human-knowledge, and exploits the ability of a digital computer to store and access ample data of heterogeneous type of ingredients of a choke. The sample design results on FLCDA have illustrated the potentiality of Fuzzy Logic in encompassing the flexibility to the designer in yielding an optimized component by more qualitative rather than conventional analytical algorithms.

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