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Low Cost Flexible Multiband Terahertz Planar Antennas for Bolometer Applications
Manikandan E. and Sreeja B.S. Radha S.

High gain quad band planar square patch antennas suitable for terahertz frequencies are communicated in this paper. Two modified patch structures namely Criss-Cross type and Butterfly type have been designed and evaluated numerically method on three different polymer substrates. The proposed antenna structures utilize 1micron thick flexible polymer as substrates and 0.1micron thick copper as a patch which provides considerable optical transparency. The proposed antennas resonate in the frequency band of (7.39-9.6)THz, (6.06-9.96)THz and (6.55-9.56)THz with a peak gain of 10.6dB, 8.65dB, and 8.44dB for the substrates polyimide, PEEK and Polypropylene respectively. The proposed antennas also achieve better radiation efficiency and high directivity at the desired resonances. These Multiband antennas are intensively designed to enhance the thermal performance of the Microbolometer, wavelength ranging from 29 to 50μm.

Keywords: Terahertz, Antenna, Bolometer, Quad Band, Flexible, Thermal

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