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Design and Analysis of New Efficient OTA Based Low Leakage Switch Mode Power Supply
Shubham Kumar and Shyam Akashe

In this paper, we present the design and analysis of a new leakage and power CMOS based Switched mode power supply (SMPS) with the introduction of a new 2-stage operational transconductance amplifier (OTA). OTA is the new deal to increase the efficiency and decrease the leakage by controlling the power consumption in the analog circuit of the SMPS based Devices and appliances. Switch mode power supply is a type of power supply that supplies electric power to an electric load which is implemented upon the electronic part in this proposed work for future devices by transforming the unregulated A.C input signal into the D.C output signal. Here the resistive load will increase the efficiency of the OTA as the resister applied is very large in the circuit. All nodes of the OTA are made low impedances except the input-output nodes are high impedances which generate a high ripple free D.C output signals. The presented model of the OTA based SMPS has rapidly increased the efficiency of the circuit. Parameters like leakage power, average power dissipation, leakage current, noise, gain, efficiency, transconductance and delay. Simulation results and analysis estimates that the leakage, power consumption, noise is much reduced with improvement in efficiency. The complete simulation and results calculation method has been done in Cadence virtuoso tool in 45nm technology. The circuits were operated at 0.7v power supply.

Keywords: SMPS, operational transconductance amplifier (OTA), CMOS, Efficiency, low power, leakage power, noise

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