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Analysis of NAND Gate by Using Hybrid Electro-optic Circuitry
Sonali Bhatnagar and Nikhil Saxena

This article investigates a new branch of hybrid opto-electronic logic circuit which can take either electrical or optical signals and produce both electrical and optical signals. The main objective of this article is to develop a new paradigm of thought in digital circuit design. It is well known that present day electronics extensively use electrical systems as well as optical systems. The gap between these systems is becoming narrower and narrower and it is quite likely that future systems have lot of common features. This article is one attempt in which the electrical and optical systems are integrated and the new area is named as hybrid opto-electronic circuits. If these two systems are to be fused together, one has to think of hybrid opto-electronic systems which can respond to either electrical or/and optical signals and give rise to both electrical and optical signals. This article is mainly devoted to develop the required concepts for realizing hybrid digital blocks namely logic gates.

Keywords: Hybrid electro-optic, NI multisim

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