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Performance Enhancement of Differential Bio-Potential Amplifier
Prerna Mittal and Vibhav Kumar Sachan

Differential Bio-potential Amplifier is used to measuring the bio-impedance of the living things, like human body. The value of bio-impedance of body is very low on scale. To enhance it in a readable for this amplifier is used. It increases the value to bio-impedance up to very high on a scale. So measurement of bio-impedance correctly is a difficult task. It requires very precision circuitry to calculate it and enhance it.

To enhance the performance of the circuitry high input impedance and high CMRR is required. In this paper an approach of using TLV2474 op-amp in place of conventionally used op-amp. In proposed circuit has been shown to have better performance than all other input impedance & CMRR used in past research works.

Keyword: CMRR, bio potential amplifier, input impedance

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