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Mobile to Mobile Wireless Power Transfer
Mohammad A. Al-Jarrah, Mohammed O. Alsumady and Hanadi M. Rasheed

In this paper, we proposed a new methodology to charge the mobile phone battery, in absence of wires and plugs, since the mobile phone becomes a necessity in our daily routine. Hence more, the mobile technology has been developed quickly within the last few years. However, regardless of how much it has improved or even fully grown, all its obtainable applications become useless, unless the mobile battery is charged enough to turn it on. The proposed system is designed to charge a mobile phone wirelessly from another mobile. The designed system aims to transmit power from one mobile to another wirelessly, using inductive power transmission (IPT) technology. The designed circuit is simulated to test its performance. Then, a prototype device is implemented. Many experiments are conducted to study the proposed system performance. The results of the simulations were very close to the experimental results and both shows that the proposed design meets the requirements and the aim it was designed for.

Keywords: Inductive power transmission, wireless power transmission, simulink simulator, transistor modes of operation, chopper circuit, efficiency, lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), witricity.

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