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Low Power Fuzzy Processor Designing
Sajad A. Loan

A contributed paper on Low Power Fuzzy Processor Designing is being presented. It focuses on hardware implementation of fuzzy processing systems which provide low silicon cost, high operational speed and adaptability to different application domain. Design emphasis has been placed on consequent and defuzzification units because the complexity of computations as well as the concomitant delays indicated that optimization in these units would improve the overall performance of the processor. A design methodology for application specific fuzzy integrated circuits which is based on specific architecture is being presented. The paper also focuses on the implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controllers (FLC), as microelectronics circuit, making use of capability of VHDL as input language. The paper also discusses a synthesis tool XFVHDL that translates the high level representation of a fuzzy controller into a synthesizable VHDL description suitable for being implemented as a semicustom application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) or as a field programmable gate array (FPGA).

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