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New Low Voltage High Quality OFC Based Multifunctional Filter Using FDN Substitution for Portable Applications
T. Parveen, M. T. Ahmed and S. S. Rajput

This paper presents a new circuit for realization of a multifunctional filter using an ideal grounded FDNR, which is based on low voltage CMOS operational Floating conveyors (OFC). The proposed FDNR simulator is realized without any matching constraints and using only grounded passive components, which makes it attractive for IC implementation. As an application the proposed grounded FDNR simulator is used to construct a multifunctional filter, which provides low pass (LP), band pass (BP) and high pass (HP) responses. The circuit enjoys attractive features, such as low voltage, low component count, low sensitivities, high Q and independent Q-tuning of the filter without affecting its pole frequency. Simulation results show excellent performance with low voltage of ±0.75 volts.

Keywords: Operational floating conveyor, ideal grounded FDNR, low voltage, multifunctional filter.

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