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Studies on Ferrite Loading of Electromagnetically Coupled Ag Thick Film Patch Antenna
Vijaya Puri and Medha Sathe

In this paper a study of the X band (8–12 GHz) characteristics of Ag thick film EMC patch antenna due to bulk ferrite loading is reported. The effect of composition and thickness of ferrite loading and response of the antenna to feed point change are investigated. Two compositions MgFe2O4 and Mg0.4Mn0.5Zn0.1Al0.8Fe1.2O4 loading in the absence of external dc magnetic field provide additional resonance frequencies. The Ag thick film EMC patch antenna is highly sensitive to the composition and thickness of the overlay material. The intrinsic magnetization of the ferrites seems to contribute to the changes observed. The EMC patch with flexibility of feed position obtains additional degree of flexibility due to ferrite loading without change in design and dimension of the antenna.

Keywords: Microstrip Antennas, EMC Patch Antenna, thick film, ferrite loading, feed position.

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