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Response of Ag Thick Film Microstrip Straight Resonator to Thick Film Ni(1–x)CoxMn2O4:0 ≤x ≤1 overlay
S. A. Kanade and Vijaya Puri

The effect of Ni(1–x)CoxMn24:0 ≤x ≤1 NTC ceramic thick film, in touch overlay on the X and Ku band resonance characteristics of the Ag thick film microstrip straight resonator is studied. The overlay decreases the resonance frequency and Q value and increases the peak transmission. The shift in resonance frequency has been used to predict the effective dielectric constant of the Ni(1–x)CoxMn24:0 ≤x ≤1 NTC ceramic thick film. In Ku band shifts are larger than in the X band. Ceramic composition dependent effects are observed both in the transmission and reflection mode.

Keywords: Thick film, Ni(1–x)CoxMn24 dielectric constant, overlay, straight resonator.

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